Trulie Awesome Show
The Trulie Awesome Show

Trulie Awesome Productions, LLC founded August 7th, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

Performing at local venues, conventions, and festivals, The Trulie Awesome Show follows the cartoonish adventures of Trulie and Totalie, set in a world that is half made up, half hard to believe. They sprinkle their original sketch comedy and paper craft creations into an interactive live-action role playing adventure for everyone to enjoy! This show is an experience that will entice, intrigue, and delight! Their clever word play is presented in a rich candy coating, and lightly powdered with puns.

The cast of The Trulie Awesome Show is Trulie Scrumptious and Totalie Awesome. That's where the name The Trulie Awesome Show comes from!

The Trulie Awesome Show also engages audiences with interactive performance art installations and creates special performances for other groups and events. They have worked with the Columbus Museum of Art, Creative Mornings Columbus, performed at The Columbus Arts Festival, Comfest, Independant's Day Festival, Wild Goose Creative, GenCon, Midoricon, Origins Game Fair, The Garden Theatre, P3 Magic Theatre, Trauma and Drauma.